Top tips for parents who are separated

Whatever the circumstances of the separation, family breakdown is frequently an emotional rollercoaster, instigating painful and traumatic feelings and anxiety.

Different and often new roles within the family can be intimidating and require unexpected periods of adjustments.  Children can get caught up in their parents’ conflict and emotional and behavioural problems are more common if there have been or there are emotionally charged incidents taken place that the children are aware of.  Children can become very insecure, acting younger than their age, being clingy, having nightmares or disobedient or disruptive behaviour. Navigating the complexities of separation or divorce while ensuring the well-being of your children can be a daunting journey. 

Below are some links to valuable resources offering advice and support to help you through this new phase in your family’s journey.

Top tips for parents who are separated – from the child’s perspective
Also attached is a highly beneficial guide penned by children of separated parents, offering invaluable insights from the child’s perspective please click here to open in a new window.

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