Terms of Business Policy

My name is Peppy Griffiths (FMCA) and I am an Accredited Family Mediation Specialist with Resolution, an Accredited member of the Law Society Specialist Mediation Panel, a member of the Family Mediators Association and I also have accredited status with the Family Mediation Council. 

My role is to assist you to consider the ways of resolving any issues that you may have for making future arrangements for yourself and any children (if applicable).  I will help to explore options, with a view to helping you reach an outcome that both parties consider will work for them all. 

I aim to deliver a high quality and cost-effective family mediation service.  I will:

  • Treat you fairly and with respect
  • Act as a neutral sharing my knowledge and experience
  • Provide information on an even-handed and general basis
  • Communicate with you in plain language
  • Review your matter regularly
  • Provide guidance on any reasonably foreseeable circumstances and risks that could affect the outcome of your mediation
  • Act in accordance with my accreditation status as set by the Family Mediation Council
  • Operate in accordance with my Data Protection Privacy


I will conduct a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAMs) for each party to discuss the mediation process, help with providing resources and assess for suitability for mediation.

If mediation is viewed a suitable process in your case and both parties agree to the mediation process after their individual MIAMs meeting, then I will arrange to proceed with the mediation process as quickly as I can facilitate

Once I have met you for a MIAMs if mediation is not suitable, I will as mediator be able to counter-sign your application to the court.

Equality and Diversity

I am committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging equality and diversity throughout my policies, practices and procedures and in those areas in which I have influence


Subject to the exemptions below, the mediation process is confidential and without prejudice.   All negotiations, discussions and problem sharing outcomes are conducted on a confidential basis to provide a safe environment for working together. 

Exemptions to confidentiality

If it appears that a child or other person is suffering or likely to suffer significant or serious harm, I have a responsibility under the FMC Code of Practice to take such steps as necessary to contact the appropriate agency or authority in order to ensure the safety and protection from harm of children and vulnerable adults

If information is shared with me about an intention to commit an unlawful or criminal act or where I suspect that I may be required to make disclosure to the appropriate authority under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection protects the privacy of information about you and how it might be used, shared or stored.   I need to process your data for the purpose of your mediation and will be doing so pursuant to the Privacy Notice of Peppy Mediation.

Agreement to Mediate

The Agreement to Mediate that will be signed by all parties sets out the terms upon which the mediation will be conducted.  It will include safeguards to ensure whether the mediation is conducted by the mediator online or face-to-face that it is a safe place for problem solving with the help of the mediator, to explore options and solutions and to find solutions together.

Terms of Engagement

If you instruction me as mediator I will provide to each party a terms and conditions of business letter (also known as a client care letter) and if mediation is proceeding an Agreement to Mediate that will include a cost estimate.

On-line mediation

Pursuant to my On-line Mediation Policy my initial choice for conducting your MIAMs and your mediation session will be on-line.   In certain circumstances, if on-line mediation will not be suitable in your case, I will be able to conduct fact-face mediation services.

For on-line mediation you will be asked to sign a pre-agreement that you will not record the on-line session and will ensure confidentiality by not inviting third parties to be present and will be overheard.


I will provide details of my complaint’s procedure in my initial terms of engagement letter and in the Agreement to Mediate.

Mediation fees

I will provide a cost estimate at the commencement of your case, based on my current rates, before the first meeting.   If as mediation progresses, due to complications or unforeseen extra work, my cost estimate needs to be reviewed I will discuss with you as soon as possible and seek your agreement to proceed.

VAT will not be applicable.

Anti-money laundering and Financial Crime

The law requires me to obtain satisfactory evidence of the identity of clients that I provide a mediation service for.  I will only take from you the minimum of evidence I require to verify you and your address.  I will hold this information pursuant to my Privacy Policy.