Family Mediation Taunton Somerset

Peppy Griffiths is a family mediation expert with over 30 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge and understanding, specialising in all aspects of financial sharing including complex, high value and unusual cases and arrangements for the children.

Welcome to Peppy Mediation

a specialist mediation service to help you move forward

Peppy Mediation is an accredited mediation service to help separating couples or families examine and consider any issues that they may wish to resolve in the context of separation and divorce in a sensitive and confidential process.

To help and assist couples when relationships break down to reach their own informed decisions for managing their separation and the future.

To be totally impartial and neutral and to help separating couples:

  • Obtain knowledge to make informed decisions
  • Share ideas
  • Co-operate
  • Resolve and manage conflict
  • Focus on the needs and feelings of children
  • Reach their own joint decisions

Mediation helps with communication and co-operation.  It is confidential and sensitive and can help minimise the stress and anxiety and is quicker and less expensive than going to court.

Peppy is accredited as a Mediator by the following nationally recognised bodies:


Is mediation the correct course of action?

If you require any further mediation information to understand if the process is right for your circumstances, please do give me ring for an initial, no obligation and complimentary chat on my mobile 07831 393283 or send me an email to or complete my referral form. 

I will be pleased to hear from you.